Clubby and I have been working on a new server for us. It is Black Mesa Rp, Its a form of roleplay that takes place in a Half Life 1 Universe. The Roleplay scenario itself takes place at the Black Mesa Research Facilty. I was a little reluctant about this at first, but after seeing how it is going to play out. This server is going to be really really cool. And I hope to see all of you on it! <3 

I will be posting the IP once the server is fully completed!

Hello thank you for reading this, so due to certain budget cuts I have downgraded our sandbox server to a basic server. The server is now officially back online with BRAND NEW CONTENT.

To join Sandbox feel free to join at

New Website!

Brandino a posted May 2, 17

Welcome to our new website! Please take the time to sign up! We will be posting lots of information on this page for you to read up on!

I appreciate all of you!


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